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Marion Jones to Be Completed with Aid from Mexico

Mexican Ambassador Carlos Melendez spoke on several topics at today’s media luncheon at the Mexican Institute in Belize City. One of the topics that Ambassador Melendez spoke of is cross border partnership and cooperation in several areas. One of those areas is sports. Today, Melendez announced that the Mexican Government has donated five million dollars for the completion of the Marion Jones Sporting Complex.

As you know the Marion Jones Complex which is our major cooperation project was funded through the Yucatan Fund and the Mexican Agency of Cooperation. What I can tell you is that Mexico has done its part, we have donated the money and we have delivered the money to the UNOP which is the United Nations Office of Project and Management and they are dealing with the Belizean government. The Mexican government is just now hoping to see that the first stone  be put there and we will be very happy when the construction starts but the government of Mexico is not involved anymore in the big process. This is something that UNOP is doing by themselves. We are not getting involved in that process though we are very interested to see the results and we will be very happy when this major works and this Marion Jones Complex will be opened.

Reporter: So then how much is the money?

Mexico gave through the Yucatan Fund five million US dollars and that has already been done so we are not involved anymore in the management of the money.

The date when the Marion Jones Stadium is scheduled to be fully completed is anyone’s guess.