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Mark Flowers Claims Innocence

Yesterday we told you of the recording with former GSU Commander, Mark Flowers.  In that recording there were two aspects to the conversation; the first being the allegation against him of having unlawful sexual intercourse with a young girl who is now reportedly pregnant and the second being allegations against Government officials.  While the rumour mill has been stating that this is not the first time an allegation of such a nature is being brought against him, Flowers says there is no truth to that rumour.


“On the 19th of July this year is the first I heard of it and as a result of what was said to me by a senior officer who came and said that a report was made about me about a 14 year old girl who is supposed to be pregnant for me.  I said okay who is it? He replied that he didn’t want to go into too much detail but the person is, and he called the surname and so I called my  cousin to find out who was the person and she said it was such a person. I have been through hell in every respect and is never one time that anybody has said anything about any minor as far as I’m concerned. This is a new low but I am begging them, challenging them to do a test. If I had anything to fear I would be offering them that opportunity to prove beyond reasonable doubt, prove that what you are saying is true. Do a test, a scientific test.”

Flowers spoke in more detail as to the timeline of when the child says the incidents occurred. He added that he believes that there is a conspiracy against him involving government officials.


“She is alleging that this is supposed to have happened in January of this year and in March again. In February this year it is said that they made a report which police have also confirmed regarding her stepfather. In last year July around this same time they were on my farm, all of these children. They live in Blackman Eddy where I own a farm, I had hired some people to chop the farm for me and they used to come to the farm accompanying the young boys. Sometimes I would go to the farm and they would already be there, they would be chopping and the children would be there raking. My cousin was in charge of the operations Karla, so at the weekend she paid everybody who worked including the children, I had no problem with that because if they were there she fed all of them. They were there and she approved and she paid them, she fed them I had no problem with that. Since last year they have not been to my farm again because I got a bulldozer instead to do the work, I don’t need them anymore there. In March of this year I hired her stepfather not knowing that this report was made about him, I did not know. He was my farm hand. On the first of July this year I fired the man because he is never at my place. On the 2nd I left for the states, I came back on the 18th the day the report was made so there is absolutely no chances of the report being true but because the report was made I had to find out what was going on and so I spoke to a lot of the villagers in Blackman Eddy Village who gave me a background of the people involved. I’m sorry that the child is pregnant but I’m also glad that she is because it gives me proof and a way to disprove what they are saying.”

Flowers is now on remand at the Belize Central Prison after he was arraigned yesterday.