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Mark Flowers Says, “I Saw … I was There … I Know”

Earlier in our newscast we told you of some serious statements and allegations being made by Superintendent of Police, Mark Flowers.  He made these statements today in a lengthy interview which is still being reviewed.  His attorney, Richard Dickie Bradley, however spoke on the gravity of the allegations being made by Flowers.


“Listen this is the commander of the GSU. This is a man who has been forthcoming and articulate in holding his views in relation to a number of matters that have taken place so he is of that view. Somebody has made an allegation I am denying it but I am going further than denying it. I am saying  I am prepared to make myself available at any time for you to take a scientific DNA test not under the government lab in the private sector where he was much more confidence which again brings up another matter, why would he be suspicious of the government’s public lab. But this is a matter that goes to the Supreme Court  it will take a long time for a trial to come up so no sense we are trying to do any kind of PR and any kind of damage control because there is a bigger issue involved. The issue that in fact Mr.William Mason has been handing out money to the elected officials of this country. The quantities mean that they are engaged in money laundering that is what this officer is saying, that he has information, emails, statements, he was present, large sums of money are being handed by this man to officials in the government which means that they are committing a crime. I have fishermen friends who have to go to the income tax , they take $5,000 away from them and ask them what they are doing with the money and they go down to the income tax and charge them income tax. The FIU has come in and has people’s vehicles for four years because they claim that they found some money in those vehicles. What this man is saying  is that Ministers of Government have been breaching and violating the laws not one or two, I can give you a whole list. So that is what apparently he has been saying to the media all morning. This is bigger than this matter there are two issues, Mark Flowers the head of the GSU is going to be charged for serious offense of having sex with a minor, the other issue is that this is a big man you saw the picture with him and a man was who has corrupted persons who are probably persons who are probably already corrupted. He is saying “I saw, I was there, I know.” that is another matter altogether.”


“This one he is facing arraignment for this charge how does he plan to move on that matter considering that he has the evidence to prove that this is what was happening?”


“Well my understanding and you would need to check the interviews, my understanding is that he had collected quite a dossier of information. This is a man that has been in the police department from before Belize became an independent country, he has been around a long time and he has collected that information which he says he will hand to someone, I am here as an attorney to see that he gets a fair trial.”

We will be airing portions of that interview in our subsequent newscast.