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Mark King’s lawsuit against Moses Sulph proceeds in court

Mark King’s lawsuit against Moses Sulph will proceed. A case management conference was held in the courtroom of Supreme Court Justice Sonya Young.  Sulph made comments on his Facebook page regarding King’s company, Brints Security. Sulph boldly stated that King’s company was taking advantage of its employees by not paying Social Security contributions, a claim which King denies. King’s attorney, Estevan Perrera first wrote to Sulph stating that the remarks were false and created a case for libel. Sulph was asked to apologize but, he refused and the matter is now before the courts. Today at court, both sides stood firm on their position.

Mark King, claimant: “I run several groups of companies in Belize and as the CEO and owner of those companies one of my companies has been slandered, my name has been liabled of course and I won’t take to no one to damage my name and character. I believe in big companies mistakes are made but those can be worked out with employees and being that I’m not incharge of the little details I believe that my name should not have been used so it’s not necessarily that I’m claiming there wasn’t anything wrong or done or so I wouldn’t know that to a fact and those can be sorted out but I think I’ve given Moses enough time to apologize, to say “look we’re sorry” and he didn’t. Mr.Sulph cannot show up with an attorney so far and this is the fourth time. I’m hoping that he can really muster an attorney next time around because that should be the next time we meet in September and the judge gets to make a decision whether or not he is liable of the charges being made against him. “

Moses Sulph: “Yes I do have an attorney he is Mr.Arthur Saldivar however prior to him taking on the case he had other matters in the Supreme Court in Belmopan which take precedence over this case because he already had that murder case going on. So that is his reasoning for not being here. He has also related to the court this morning and I have been in contact with him, in fact I went to Cayo a couple weeks ago and we sat down for hours and we discussed how to move forward so that’s not an issue. Whenever politicians or people in authority believe that they are going to be forgotten they try to do things to be in the public eyes again because they cannot just leave and vanish into the abyss. However I will say that the statement I made on Facebook are statements that were given to me by workers who were working for Mr.King’s security firm and those statements I wrote on Facebook are statements that were given to me by people who believe that they were being taken advantage of. So if the statements I put on Facebook, I’m a grassroots activist I’m always looking out for the poorer class because they are always being taken advantage of by whether it be disgraced politicians or whether it be politicians so that is nothing new- however I’d like to say that the only drawback I have is that many times people who are willing to talk and give you information they have a slight drawback in coming to court and testifying which I’ll have to find a way to do it.”

Reporter: If he apologizes today or tomorrow or the other day will the case be dropped?

Mark King, claimant:No that time has passed. We have humbled, we have given Moses a lot of time to apologize, we have given his attorney space to make payment to us and they have not budged and so the case proceeds. Whether or not our company or one of my companies is guilty of that that is not my issue here or there the thing is that we were humble enough to give him time to speak.”

Reporter: Has your company suffered loss because of that statement on Facebook?

Mark King, claimant: “Any company that there is such allegations about do suffer losses in terms of clientele, in terms of business and at the end of the day I ought to be corrected if it is not so. Prior to your question my political position again I am the owner of the company and the buck stops at me even if I am not ideally responsible for the details of the company. “

Reporter: Essentially you place yourself in the forefront for these workers of this company, you’ve spoken for them on your Facebook- is it a statement that you regret making today?

Moses Sulph:No I don’t regret writing the post I wrote on Facebook given to me by persons who according to them were not being paid overtime and were not being paid holiday pay and that sort of thing, no I don’t. What I sort of regret I didn’t do was- I did manage to get some- I’m sorry that I didn’t get enough paper trail and that is one of the things I will learn now and continue to do. However I was not expecting this matter but it is here and I have to deal with it.”


The matter is expected to be heard in September.