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Mark Pollard’s family believe his disappearance is over family land

Also present at this afternoon’s conference with the media was the son of Mark Pollard, who has been missing for over five months.  21 year old Malcolm Pollard came forward to publicly share his family’s suspicions as to what happened to his father and why. As we have been reporting, 49 year-old Mark Pollard went missing in early July of last year when he left his house for a morning run in Belize City and never returned. Last Friday, activist Jose Espat said that they had come across suspicious recordings that, at the time, he believed was a solid lead for the police to follow. The person heard on the recording was a family member of Mark Pollard. That individual was in Belize last December and according to Espat and young Malcolm Pollard, the police did nothing. He says that he and his family live in fear for their safety.

Malcolm Pollard – Son of Mark Pollard

“We only know of one person who would have motive to get him out of the way and in that being done she would have had to come forward. Everything would have slowly pointed towards her.

Dalila Ical – Reporter

Does the family believe that this individual has the kind of connections that would force your dad into hiding?”

Malcolm Pollard – Son of Mark Pollard

“We might have underestimated this young lady because she is a part of the family but that is still no exception for what she is capable of doing. I shared this recording with the police before this lady touched down in Belize, before she arrived and she arrived on December 4th. She said that she was going to arrive on December 3rd but she didn’t arrive then she came on the 4th and I shared this message with the police way ahead and nothing had been done.”

Jose Espat – Activist

“I was the first person he sent this message to on Whatsapp and then he sent it to a CIB that was in charge of Mr.Mark Pollard’s case. This officer from CIB then informed Mr.Cowo so they had prior knowledge of this from before the person came to Belize.”

Malcolm Pollard – Son of Mark Pollard

“Due to certain circumstance the only person whose life might be in danger would be mine and my sibling.”

Dalila Ical – reporter

“Why is that? Do you think it has to do with the property?”

Malcolm Pollard – Son of Mark Pollard

“Yes it has to do with the property because the only person standing in the way of anyone to get that property is me.”

Pollard says that the Police, like in the Humes case, have not been very helpful, but even so, he maintains some confidence in a few officers.

Malcolm Pollard – Son of Mark Pollard

“I haven’t lost all confidence in the department because not everyone is corrupt and not everyone is as bad as the others, there are some people who tend to drag their feet because they are scared of what probably is going to happen to them so they take precautions and then there are some people who tend to drag their feet because they see no interest and therefore I still have faith in the police department because there is a specific CIB who aided me throughout this entire investigation and every little issue that came my way and I would contact him he would give me reasonable cause and answer to aid me in my situation”