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Marketing Belize by digital means

Digital Marketing is the way of the future, and an opportunity that every business should jump on. The Belize Tourism Board is assisting different establishments by having a Digital Marketing Summit that took place today. Reporter, Courtney Menzies, was able to bring you some of the highlights from the day.

Voice 1: “Digital Marketing is the way forward because one we get to actually get to reach the audience, our target audience directly with digital media and digital marketing because digital marketing not only pertains to social media, its websites, it is Influencer marketing and so the four pillars that we are covering today is social media, digital marketing, influencer marketing and of course brand strategy.”

Courtney Menzies: “The entire world is moving towards a more technological age and with it businesses must also move as well. The Belize Tourism Board has engaged businesses of any shape or size with the fifth annual Digital Marketing Summit. The summit was in the form of workshops which covered different aspects of digital marketing. Speaking from outside the country a person to talk about a topic on social media marketing and influencer marketing.”

Voice 2: “What I have been really interested in is doing hands-on groundwork skills for businesses here in Belize so they feel three things: confident, competent, creative when they get online. I have found that the more they feel that they can do everyday things in terms of really effective posts, really effective live video and making sure that they are using the platforms to the best of their ability, then the more they are able to shine and the more those platforms become really effective for them in their overall marketing. It is so important to properly use it because when you do you can make an impact that is far beyond what you can do with normal marketing dollars so for example when a business is able to use social media effectively when they may have a smaller budget for marketing they can really get a huge impact out of that. We are looking at over three billion people worldwide who are on social media platforms so that includes things like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. One of the things that we have been trying to share today is how to effectively go live on those platforms. Live video is a way that people are engaging. Each one of those platforms boosts your ability to be seen by a wider audience when you use live video so what we did today was train people how to get on camera, the three talking points that they can share and how comfortable they can be once they plan ahead.”

Voice 3: “The first key point is to research your audience and three tools are easily available to anyone such as Google trends, it is simply You can plug in a search term and you will get information from Google about how often that term was searched and from where so if you are looking for a Belize vacation I can quickly learn that people in North Dakota and the United States were searching for that most in January, probably because they were under about seventeen feet of snow and they wanted to go somewhere tropical.”

Voice 4: “Influencer marketing even though now we keep hearing it these days a lot still something vague when it comes to how brands like use It, monetize it and how to come up with very on point targeted strategies so on the panel I wanted to give them an influencer perspective on influencer marketing and during the workshop I am going to talk about creating a successful influencer marketing campaign. 

Voice 5: “Some of the tips that I am sharing for marketers when it comes to their influencer marketing campaign is to make sure that they pick an influencer based on their likes and what they are trying to do as it matches what you are trying to do. Do not go for popularity, don’t go for celebrity status and don’t go for someone that does not match the audience that you are trying to reach. It is very easy to fall in the trap and spend thousands of dollars on something without a return when you do that. The second tip is to make sure you are measuring, measure, measure, measure. It is absolutely possible nowadays to see the return on investment so stay close to it so that you know that you are effectively using your money. 

Courtney Menzies: “A Belizean representative from Expedia was also able to present to the participants of the Summit, many of whom are in the Hotel Industry about how they benefit from the service.”

Voice 6: “Well as you know Expedia group is a platform, it is an online travel agency which comprises of twenty-one different brands. There is, Expedia, Travelocity, What If and a couple of others so there is a large production of hotels locally in Belize using this platform so my role is to help to educate and best advise hotel partners to get the best production out of the platform. I was just looking at some of the data year to year from last year to this year where we actually move sixty-five thousand aired tickets to Belize and we moved 130,000 passengers. That is roughly thirty percent of arrivals in Belize according to BTB.”

Reporting for Love News I am Courtney Menzies.

The summit lasted from 8am to 5pm.////////