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Martha Gonzalez killed in robbery; Police charge one man

Martha Gonzalez was killed in what appears to be a robbery. That is what police told the media today. The 68-year-old woman was found dead inside a pit latrine in Pomona Village on Monday. Gonzalez, who is from San Felipe Village in the Orange Walk District, had gone to Pomona to sell cheese and other items as she had done on a regular basis. She was later reported missing after her family did not hear from her on Friday.  The police say they have charged one man for her murder.

Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino:“Dangriga Police along with family members visited Pomona Village where certain information was gathered and as a result they visited the home of one Eugenia Baldera where searches were conducted and items belonging to the deceased were found behind the yard. As a result a further search was done in a pit latrine which was located behind the yard which resulted in the discovery of the decomposed female body wrapped in a grey canvas later identified to be missing person Martha Gonzalez. As a result of a post mortem conducted on the body revealed that she died from a stab wound to the chest. Intensive Police investigation has led to the detention of one Christopher Albert Bradley 21 years, labourer of Pomona Village which later resulted in him being arrested and charged for the crime of murder. Well so far the information gathered seem to suggest that the motive was robbery and apparently there was some dispute or there was some conversations previous to the incident, at least one piece of jewelry believed to have belonged to the deceased was recovered and that is a part of the case.”

The investigating officers do not believe that the homeowner, Eugenia Baldera had any involvement in Gonzalez’s murder. They believe Christopher Bradley acted alone. They have also recovered a weapon but cannot say if it was the one used to kill Gonzalez. Aside from the one piece of jewelry, police say they found Gonzalez’s bucket and cart in Baldera’s yard. Police say they are unable to say whether Gonzalez had died before her body was discarded in the latrine.