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Marvin Charged for Philips’ Murder

Thirty one year old Jason Young was murdered last Friday while on his way to work. Police have charged Marvin Phillips for the murder of Young. Assistant Commissioner of Police spoke about Phillip’s arrest, stating that the police officer’s eyewitness report was essential in the case.


“Over the weekend we formally arrested and charged Marvin Phillips for the crime of murder and kept unlicensed firearm. The police officer was in immediate vicinity who made chase at the suspect and the suspect was caught shortly thereafter. He was still dressed in the same manner in which the police had seen him fleeing the scene and so we got other statements from other persons who corroborated what the officer had said and so we were able to make an arrest in that matter.”

ACP Williams went into details as to what could have caused Young’s murder, stating that it appears the motive was gang rivalry between the Afghanistan group and the Kraal Road group.


“From our investigation and basically from speaking to people who are aware of both parties the situation is that because Marvin Phillips proclaimed to be a member of Afghanistan that is a gang that is based behind the Racoon/Antelope Street area and Mr.Young is from the Kraal Road area we know that there is an issue between Kraal Road and that group and it’s just because the man is from Kraal Road. According to persons who are closely connected to the Phillips they are saying that they had received information that Young wanted to kill Phillips so they acted preemptively by taking him out.”

ACP Williams stated that the police is positive that the case will be successfully prosecuted.