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Masks in Classroom are Not Mandatory but Strongly Recommended Says MOE

Belize, much like the rest of the world, is still battling against the covid-19 virus. And, with secondary schools resuming face-to-face teaching last week, parents and teachers are concerned about how this will affect the spread of the virus within the classrooms. GOB has relaxed the preventative restrictions, and the Ministry of Education announced that masks in schools are recommended, but not mandatory. We asked the Minister of State, Dr Louis Zabaneh, what measures are schools required to take to keep students and teachers safe.  

Dr. Louis Zabaneh, Minister of State in the Ministry of Education: “It’s just the slight relaxation of some of those requirements as we go forward. As you heard our CEO today mention that one of those is to move from the very strict requirement of masks to it being strongly recommended. So the teachers and the students in a classroom in that environment, they will be deciding how that will be done. But, we from the ministry continue to say we strongly recommend use of masks. Now with the seating, since now we expect all the children to be back, that 6 ft distance again will be relaxed, chairs can be brought a little closer together. And again we need to do our best to try to move forward in this new reality and these are the things but we’re very cognizant of the fact that we still have COVID among us and that’s why we continue to say that we strongly recommend that we continue to follow the protocols.”