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Mason and Others Face Charges of Kidnapping

Just after ten o’clock this morning four of the five persons charged with the murder of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas on July 15, appeared before Magistrate Anderson in the Belmopan Magistrates Court to answer to additional charges.  The men were read the charges which entail two counts of kidnapping and two counts of unlawful imprisonment.  Prosecuting this morning’s arraignment was Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams.


“We had just arraigned Mr.William Mason and the other persons who had been charged with him in respect to the kidnapping of Mr.Friesen and his wife which took place in May of this year. There were no difficulties. As the prosecutor in the matter I ensured that I crossed my Ts and dotted my I’s before I came to court and ensured that everything was in order and so everything just flowed this morning.”

The charges are the result of a statement given by a Mennonite businessman, Lloyd Friessen who claims that he and his wife, Rosie were kidnapped and held against their will on May 31, 2016 by Mason.  Reports are that the incident was the result of a business deal gone wrong over a shipment of corn from abroad that Mason was to reportedly arrange to have imported.  A fifth person was to be arraigned today on the kidnapping charges but he did not appear to court as was agreed to.  ACP Williams explained.


“Mr.Ryan Raburn is a part of the charge in this matter, his name is on the court book and from what I have been briefed by the investigator is that Mr.Panton who represents Mr.Rhaburn had promised that he would have been here this morning with Mr.Rhaburn for him to have been arraigned but unfortunately that did not occur so we will have to continue to look for Mr.Rharburn and have him arraigned in respect to this matter. I believe that he should have been arraigned long ago but because of difficulties that the prosecutor had then arraigning him he was released by the magistrate so I was expecting to have him here today so that we could go through that matter in court before the magistrate and let the magistrate decide whether or not we have sufficient to have arraigned him.”

As we had reported yesterday in our newscast, Mason’s wife, Melissa Ferguson was charged after she handed in herself on Monday, August 8.  The charges came as a surprise as her Attorney Richard Dickie Bradley explained.


Love News had spoken to the CEO in the ministry of agriculture, José Alpuche who told us that there was no application submitted for a permit nor was a permit given for the shipment of corn.  William Mason, Ashton Vanegas. Ernest Castillo and Terrence Fernandez are to reappear in court on November 10 for disclosure.