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Mason Wants PM Barrow to Have the Evidence of Wrongdoing of Government Officials

In a press conference held last Friday at the Biltmore Plaza Hotel with Prime Minister Dean Barrow, he made it clear that he would not entertain any meeting with William Mason.  Prime Minister Barrow however did not strike down the idea of meeting with Mark Flowers.  Bradley spoke of why the meeting between Barrow and Flowers would be crucial.


“The Prime Minister is correct; it would be highly improper for him to have any conversation with Mr. Mason but there are procedures the Prime Minister needs to use to get information. Mr. Mason no longer trusts the police high command to give them that kind of information and that is why he was making that kind of remark to Mark Flowers that this information he would like to reach the Prime Minister or the Deputy Prime Minister. It’s not fair to the DPM because he is in a rivalry with the Minister of Defense former Minister of Police and I would suspect that some of the information would be further damaging to the Minister of Defense and those are things that really belong in the hands of some independent investigators so they can sift through it and provide that information.”

Love News has received unconfirmed reports that the meeting between the Prime Minister and the former GSU Commander, Mark Flowers has already occurred.