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Massage with a Mayan experience

Naia Resort Spa from Placencia has emerged as the winners of the first Maya Spa Experience Brand Competition which took place on August 14 and 15 at BELTRAIDE. This morning the winners were presented with their certificates and prizes.  Love News spoke to the first place winners, Dominica Busano and Lisa Villanueva who were elated about their win and shared what they learned from being a part of the competition.


Dominica Busano:

“We have learned different Mayan techniques that they have used for the past thousand years so we learnt a lot and we just put it together to make this treatment for the spa experience.”

Lisa Villanueva:

“The best part of the experience is the spiritual aspect of it and we are very grateful to Ms.Aurora Saki for letting us into her world and teaching us a little bit about the Maya traditions so we are very grateful to her for that.”


The Interim President for the Belize Spa & Wellness Association, Mapye Smith spoke to Love News about the initiative.


Interim President for the Belize Spa & Wellness Association     Mapye Smith:

“One of the things that we found out is that when people come to your country they come to relax and there is no better way to relax than to get a massage and we found out that we were selling massages from different countries we were selling Swedish Massages and Thai Massage and we have so much to offer in Belize. I mean the Maya people have been doing this for so many years but we couldn’t come up with exactly what we wanted to be so we decided that we would have a competition and with the winners we want to know that every hotel is carrying this Maya experience because it is the uniqueness. People are looking for different and they are looking for unique they are looking for the enrichment of their lives the way they are going to feel after vacation; a massage like this is not just working on one sense but it works on the five sense; the smell you get, the touch that you feel, the sound that you hear, the taste by tasting your tea but the five senses when you touch someone’s five senses they don’t forget that experience and they want to come back. We just think that it’s something to sell to Belize first we want to make sure that every hotel is carrying it and we want that when a tourist goes to Cayman and says that she had a Maya experience in Belize and asks if they have it and ask what it is and want to be a part of it so it’s a brand that we want to sell to the world.”

Second place went to Healing Touch Day Spa, Latia Montenegro & Team was third and fourth place went to Nul May Techniques.  The final Maya Spa package will incorporate the different ingredients from those who took part in the competition.  Hotels, Resorts & Spas will have to wait until Expo to obtain the package Maya Spa to make it available to their clients.