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Massive Car Accident leaves Several Cars Damaged and Two Persons Injured

On Saturday, November 18, a collision occurred on Central American Boulevard which damaged five vehicles and injured two persons.  According to police report, at approximately 10:40 a.m., 58-year-old Lincoln Webster reported that he was driving his green 1999 Toyota Corolla car across the roundabout, when a white Honda Van drove by 65-year-old Phillip Neal, a taxi driver, suddenly overtook him on the left and ended up crashing into the left front portion of his vehicle. As a result, his left front fenders and left rear view mirror were damage. Thereafter, the white van collided with a Green Honda CRV. 56-year-old Crusita Castillo, a Principal and resident of Hattieville village, told police that she was driving her Green Honda CRV towards Belcan Bridge and upon approaching Banak Street junction, the white van collided into the rear portion of her vehicle.  As a result, she lost control of her vehicle and crashed into a white Toyota Van that was parked in front of Cuello Store and is the property of the Cuello Company.  The white van went on to collide with a white Saturn Vue vehicle which was parked on the Central American Boulevard beside a fruit shop. The vehicle was being washed at the time by 53-year-old Joseph Meighan who was knocked down as a result. The vehicle belongs to 37-year-old Janel Perera and received extensive damage to the rear portion. The white van also collided into a BEL lamppost situated in front of the vegetable shop and injured the owner 21-year-old Escar Blandon.  Police Officer, Wilbert Cob responded to the accident and managed to arrest Neal but not before being assaulted by him.