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Maya Island Air has a new state of the art terminal

Appearance is everything to the people who only have one opportunity to make a first impression. Belize has made an impression as a tourism product and maintaining quality in service is paramount. With Belize fast becoming a tourist destination Maya Island Air saw the need to build a new state of the art terminal in San Pedro Town. Maya Island Air, in collaboration with McNab Publishing which publishes it’s in flight magazine “Culture and Lifestyle, held an open house where the media along with a select view visitors were the first to view the terminal. We spoke to Marion Hernandez, the marketing manager at Maya Island Air who said that the new look is synonymous with where Belize wants to go as a tourist destination.

Marian Hernandez, Marketing Manager, Maya Island Air

Marion Hernandez, Marketing Manager, Maya Island Air: “Tourism has been booming in Belize and especially San Pedro it’s the number one tourist destination and we have locals and international travelers and investors coming in to Belize so to facilitate these people and our locals we decided to invest and create something that is comforting and something that represents the culture for Belize and for San Pedro. What we have downstairs we have two check in gates; Gate B and Gate C and then we have concierge service, we have free wifi and then of course we have this beautiful VIP lounge where we have the bar and Ms.Linda Stevens Bagels and of course passengers can come and sit down and enjoy the view up here and the ambiance.”

We also spoke with Tanya McNab, the creative director at McNab publishing who said that they were elated to be releasing the fourth edition of their magazine at Maya Island Air’s open house.

Tanya McNab, McNab Visual Strategies

Tanya McNab, McNab Publishing: This is obviously a big day for both of us because this new terminal I think that Maya Island Air and McNab Publishing have a similar vision in the product that we want to offer to our tourist and so San Pedro is obviously a very big destination and this terminal is significant of the level of service that Maya would like to provide to their travelers which is very in line with the type of products that we like to produce and so we believe that we are on the same page in terms of quality and service and so we’ve been waiting a long time for today. It’s like an anniversary edition for us because it has completed our first year and it’s the start of the terminal here so it’s very big for both of us. “

The mayor of San Pedro Daniel Guerrero was also at the open house and told us that the airline’s new state of the art terminal is a testament that tourism is on the rise in Belize.