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Maya Leaders to be included in Referendum awareness campaign

The Toledo community leaders will be included in the public awareness campaign on the referendum to take the Belize Guatemalan dispute to the International Court of Justice. That is what CEO in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pat Andrews told us today. As we have reported, the Toledo Alcaldes Association and the Maya Leaders Alliance have pressed the government to be included in the education process as they stand to be among the first Belizean communities to be affected by any decision on the matter. They had made their interest known in a letter addressed and sent to Prime Minister Dean Barrow in late December 2017. CEO Andrews says the dialogue has started.

Pat Andrews – CEO, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

“Our public awareness campaign has been ongoing for some time now. We are looking forward to accelerating it. We met with the Alcaldes Association and we have been talking to them about what we intend to do. We will be continuing to dialogue with them and of course we are hoping that they will be a part of the process in the public awareness campaign.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter


Pat Andrews – CEO, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

“Very very soon.”

CEO Andrews added that the concerns the Maya leaders raised surrounding the nature of questions being asked by persons who have been conducting the campaign in southern Belize have been fully addressed.