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Maya Mopan’s brawl sends man to hospital

A brawl just after 7 pm in the New Site area of Maya Mopan Belmopan left Jamil Claransa in a critical condition at the KHMH and 20-year-old Lewis Teul in a stable condition at the Western Regional Hospital. We understand that both persons are from Maya Mopan Belmopan. Love News visited the hospital and spoke to Lewis Teul who shared with us a part of his story.”

Lewis Teul: “I was at home and my family we were inside talking and then afterward I heard a bunch of stones falling on top of the roof and then my friend went to check and asked what was happening. As I came outside I just saw rocks flinging around and then one of them caught me on my right shoulder and then after that I saw Jamil ran into me and just chopped me on my left side and neck and then after that when he chopped me my brother saw that and came to help me. I had to defend myself because he was in the yard. After that when I saw the other guys come, about ten or fifteen of them, were throwing rocks at my house. We called the police but they didn’t assist us so when they chopped me my sister brought me to the hospital in a taxi.”

Love News spoke to that sister.

Sister of Lewis Teul: “Like my brother mentioned we were at home at around 7 pm and we heard this loud noise outside they were throwing bottles and we were scared to come outside so only my brother came outside and that is when we heard them they were fighting and I guess that was when he got chopped on his neck and all I heard was him calling for me and when he came inside I saw him and his shirt was covered in blood and I had to rush him to the hospital but when that was occurring I called the police several times and they refused to answer me. We called and they set down the phone, we called and no one came. My mother said they came after an hour but like I said this is not the first time that this has happened. I have visited Mr. Howell Gillett at the police station I informed him of everything these guys have been doing to my brother and he said that he was going to look into it.”


Report filed by Fem Cruz