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Mayas Object to Construction of Garifuna Monument

The Maya Land Rights issue against the Government of Belize was one thing but now it seems that they are preparing to take on the Garifuna community in southern Belize.  Love News understands that the Chairman and Alcalde of Midway Village, Juan Ico and Thomas Ishim have requested have requested that the construction of a monument currently being built about four and a half miles outside of Barranco Village be stopped.  According to a source to Love News, Ishim and Ico are claiming that the land that the construction is being done on is theirs and that on April 19, the men will return to Barranco in the company of the Maya Leaders Alliance and the Toledo Alcalde Association to argue the matter which they believe will be done with reference to the CCJ ruling regarding Mayan Land Rights.  The Garifuna community, however, are up in arms since they are saying that Midway Village which was initially known as MILES,  was originally for the Garifuna settlers and that the Mayas were only invited to work with them there by Nathaniel Cayetano.  Love News will keep following this story.