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Mayflower resident talks of ongoing peace efforts

It has been about three weeks that Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams vacated his post as the commander at the south side police division. His relocation to Belmopan also placed distance between him and the gang intervention efforts. ACP Williams had played a key role in the efforts alongside other mediators including Dianne Finnegan, and Nuri Mohammed. Today while speaking with Khendis Flowers, a gang leader, he says despite the shifts, they continue to keep the peace, at least on their end.

Khendis Flowers – Resident
“As far as I know we are holding our peace. I know certain gang areas are holding their peace I don’t know who all will keep it up but this is what we are uplifting ourselves with, we are keeping our peace.”

“Has this been a significant change in your life?”

Khendis Flowers – Resident
“It’s been a change. If we have jobs everything could be changed. If these youths don’t have a little money in their pocket to buy their needs we will not have a change but if they do have their paper there will be change because then you won’t see that kind of violence that people are looking to see. You will not see robbery or murder happening. It will be a big difference and the street will go to an ease but then if we don’t have this in place a lot of these youths will be out here running around wanting to eat. All of these young people want to eat, from different hoods not just this area here.”

Taking over the command in the south side is Senior Superintendent Marco Vidal, an officer who is known for exercising different, more stringent strategies to combat crime. We asked Flowers if the change is of concern to him.
Khendis Flowers – Resident
“It concerns me that is why we are making, it’s not like something that we are doing over night but for the past we haven’t gotten any feedback complaints so then right now what we are trying to do is uplift the area. We don’t have any problems to come and do their jobs we just don’t want any brutality from none of the officers. We don’t have a problem with conducting searches, we don’t have to push us around, all of us are human we just want them to deal with us like humans.”