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Mayor Belisle Embraces Muslim Community in Belmopan

Belmopan’s Mayor, Khalid Belisle and Love Foundation’s Director, Deborah Sewell are in the United Kingdom at the invitation of the Muslim community for the 51st Jalso Salana Convention which concluded yesterday at Oaklands Farm in Hampshire.  The 3-day event saw an estimated forty thousand persons in attendance from fifty two countries.  Yesterday, Mayor Belisle addressed the gathering where he spoke of the second branch of the Muslim chapter that was recently established in Belmopan.


Belisle also highlighted several initiatives undertaken in Belize via the Muslim community.

Director Sewell noted to Love News that the invitation was part of the community’s efforts to build working relations with Belize’s community leaders with an aim to import several of their humanitarian programs to Belize.  These programs range from disaster relief to educational opportunities including assistance with infrastructure.  The conference saw the address by Khalifa, the Muslim’s spiritual leader whose speech was based on peace and compassion.  There were also addresses from political leaders in from the fifty two countries.  Attending previous events of the Muslim community were Belize City Councillor, Dion Leslie; Deputy Prime Minister, Patrick Faber; Area Representative, Kareem Musa and Health Minister, Pablo Marin.  Leading the Muslim community in Belize is Naveed Mangla.