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Mayor Bernard to Seek Re-election in 2018

Municipal elections is less than a year away and political parties have started to round up teams and begin their ground work leading up to March 2018. In the Peoples United Party’s camp, the Orange Walk team is just about complete. Current Mayor Kevin Bernard has decided to seek a third term as Mayor in that municipality. Today he told Love News that he has much more to accomplish in Orange Walk Town.


“I’m willing to continue the work of service to my people. I mean the support that I’ve been getting over these few years and even better now just gives me that drive to want to continue to push further and to serve my people more. There is a lot of work that should be done, can be done and needs to be done. While we have done a lot there is a lot yet that we want to accomplish and I would love to see that fulfilled before I look at anything else. We have basically achieved a lot of the things that we pledged and so I’m very much satisfied. I believe that the people are satisfied. Are we 100% there ? No but we have done a significant amount of achievements in our municipality; infrastructure being one of the top things. For quite some time we haven’t seen a municipality being so robust in terms of infrastructure programs without the help of a central government.”

All current elected PUP Councilors will be running again alongside Bernard, bringing the PUP team to five candidates. This means that applications for two more candidates are being accepted. Bernard says they have received one application but invites interested persons to apply before the end of the week.


“We have the advertisement out, the deadline for application is this Friday and then once the names have come in the other process starts to take place because we want to get the team up and running so that they can be on the ground working along with us so that the people can get to know them more. What we are trying to do, what the committee is looking at is that the people that have been community oriented, people that are known and visible, people that are capable of doing the work that the council wants to engage in. We have done a lot under these two terms and so we want that to continue we want that commitment to continue.”

Other candidates on the PUP slate include current Councilors, Rozel Arana, Ian Cal, Josue Carballo and Ladrick Sheppard.