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Mayor Bernard Wagner reflects on first year in office

It has been one year since the People’s United Party, PUP, garnered sufficient votes to unseat United Democratic Party, UDP, from City Hall, breaking the UDP’s winning streak. Mayor Bernard Wagner told Love News that one of their major accomplishments in their first year is the repairing of streets.

Bernard Wagner Mayor of Belize: “Stand out for me in terms of performance is the fiscal discipline and the fiscal writing of the ship that we have done over the past year. We came in where we met 60% of the budget already spent and it was only through discipline and fiscal prudence that we were able to go through a year where at no point during the course of the year have our workers ever reach a situation where we were unable to pay them. Every month we have been able to meet our wage bill, meet our operating expenses and we have done some physical infrastructure as well. We came in on social structure and we are doing great in that area but we also have to ensure that we take care of our legal mandate which is physical infrastructure. We have done a lot of street: off the top of my head I remember that we cemented Racoon Street, Gibnut Street, Alan Pitts Crescent. We move across into the Kings Park Area and we did 3rd Street, we did A Street, we did Heusner Crescent, we have Simon Lamb Street and we are looking to do Nurse Sea Street and Nurse White Street. We want to do Cemetery Lane by Yabra. We did the Birds Isle Street, we did a lot of streets with limited resources and that is the take away I am looking at in this first year.”

Mayor Wagner added that the Council is working on floating a bond in order to achieve even greater things. In the meantime, they continue to make progress with the resources available to them.  The Belize City Council is celebrating this first year with a concert in Battlefield Park on Thursday, March 7.