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Mayor Bernard Wagner seeking re-election

Mayor Bernard Wagner is in the last quarter of his first term in office.  The first time elected official spoke on his political career today and says he has expressed interest to the People’s United Party to seek re-election in March 2021.

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City:I’ve indicated to the party chairman that I am seeking reelection so that process is in play. I believe the National Executive met yesterday and the way forward will soon be announced. Again the party makes the decisions in respect to the slate and respect to candidates.”

Reporter: Will your slate members all still seek reelection?

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: “To the best of my knowledge my existing councilors have indicated to me that they would want to seek reelection but again that’s a party decision and I just have to go along with what the party decides.”

Reporter: So no preparedness for the municipal elections mayor? You guys haven’t been preparing as yet it’s about three and a half months away.

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City:Our preparation has been for the three years. We have always from when we came into office we have been working and we continue to work and we believe at the end of the day that our work continues and it never stops. So there’s no extra pushed we have really achieved if you look at our manifesto, and you’ll be getting a copy of those very shortly, that we have completed almost 90% of our manifesto despite COVID. So I believe that our performance was a very good performance. Listen we have only been managing the city in respect when you look I really did two years- we have been a two year tern the third year has been crisis management so you are never able to plan long term you are never able to plan midterm it’s a day to day management.”