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Mayor Bernard Wagner speaks of Micah Goodin’s outburst

It seems that Belize City PUP Councilor Micah Goodin has gone rogue. The newly elected councilor spoke against Mayor Bernard Wagner in a Facebook post claiming that Mayor Bernard does not listen and take advice. It is in this light that Goodin says he lost all confidence in the Mayor. Goodwin contemplated resigning saying that quote “We were elected on the platform of social infrastructure but the Mayor has apparently abandoned that ideology only days of tasting power”. End of quote. In his response, Wagner says that he enjoys a good relationship with all of the city councilors.

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: “In regards to Micah, I don’t want to answer anything because I didn’t post anything on Facebook. I believe all the questions should be directed to Counselor Goodin. I continue to enjoy full relationship with all the counselors; that is where it stands.”

Reporter: You said all, but he did not attend the labor day activities that were held by the Counsel. That shows that everything is in fact not well.

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: He is not the only one that did not attend. A couple other counselors did not attend as well so I do not put anything into it. Probably he had other things to deal with.”

Reporter :Does he still retain all his portfolios?

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: “To the best of my knowledge, yes he does.”

We have contacted Goodin for a comment. In the past, Goodin has lashed out against Yasmin Shoman and former PUP Leader Francis Fonseca.