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Mayor Bradley on Business in Miramar, Florida

Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley is back in the county after travelling to South Florida. Bradley was invited by the mayors of Miramar City and Broward County to participate in a “Ease of Doing Business” Workshop. Bradley told us more.


“One of the things that we are actually trying to do is establish sister city relationship with the city of Miramar. That’s a city of about a hundred and forty people in South Florida, very dynamic, very diverse, you have a lot of Fortune 500 companies that have their office in Miramar, you also have lot of federal and state agencies that have their office in Miramar, the people are very aggressive in terms of development, they are very open minded. I had gone there before and the former mayor of Miramar had actually visited Belize. This trip I had an opportunity to meet with the current mayor, Mayor Messick and we engaged in the idea and interest of formalizing our sister city relationship. I also worked through the Belize American Chamber of Commerce which is headed by Michael Devin Young who is a good friend of mine and who set up the business workshop. It was attended by about two hundred business persons from South Florida; American business persons who would be interested in doing business in Belize. It was a three hour session and I did a presentation of about an hour and a half about the various aspects of doing business in Belize; the legal aspects, fiscal incentives, the types of licensing requirements, immigration requirement, customs requirements, travel and access to Belize, environmental regulations so that all of the concerns in terms of accessing Belize as a market, I was able to discuss with them, share with them and then they had a specific amount of question. All of these businesses are existing businesses in South Florida that would want to expand into Central America, the Caribbean and in Latin America and we’re pitching the idea that Belize can be a good gateway for them. We are also planning on having additional exchanges with them because I think Florida is a good area for us to access more of North America because it is so clos; it’s only an hour and a half away by flight and the Mayor is very receptive of formalizing that sister city relationship.”

Bradley also met with Belizean-Americans who wanted to engage with him about doing business in Belize.