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Mayor Bradley responds to Moody’s Statement

When sharing the details of the Faber’s Road Reconstruction Project contract, Engineer Evondale Moody compared the infrastructural works designed by him to the street works that Mayor Darrell Bradley has spearheaded throughout the city. Moody stated that they are at a higher level than the City Council. He said that the cemented city streets are of low quality.

Evondale Moody – Engineer

“And this pavement is nothing like what the Mayor of Belize City has done on the other street, we are at a different level. He has done four inch, five inch we are at a different level and this is some of the stuff I’m hearing from Mr. Puga. I’ve been with him 19 years this year and we’ve implemented all these projects for the government, both governments and we have to report to the government, we have to report to the funding agencies. We have to do audits, so we have to be scrutinized so we are at a high standard, we don’t deal with low standards. I’m just being truthful because we have to deliver a quality job to the government.”

Today at a press briefing, Mayor Bradley was asked to respond to Moody’s comments.

Darrell Bradley, Mayor of Belize City

“Well I didn’t look at the interview, I didn’t see what he said and one of the things that I could say that is a useful thing that comes with being in the office of mayor and being in the office of mayor and being a politician in this country is that you get to have broad shoulders so that having not seen what he said I think it’s neither here nor there. I can speak to the quality of work that we have done, extensively throughout Belize City. I’m telling you though that when you do a hundred and sixty five streets in Belize City you cannot say that you are going to get a perfect pour every single time so that I am not an engineer and I cannot tell you that everything that the city council has done in relation to that infrastructure is perfect. We operated with a municipal bond that was $20 million but I think it’s unrealistic to say that if you do extensive works it will always be perfect but a significant amount of it I would say exceeding 90% that will last for many years in the future. Again Princess Margaret Drive, Barrack Road, Craig Street a significant amount of Fort George I think in the entire Fort George are of Belize City the only street that has not been concreted is Erie Street and we are working to remedy that as soon as possible, these have been major improvements to the members of the community. Again I think the point on accountability is a good point but the projects are needed and we work through these things having regard to the budget of a municipality but having regard to the fact that many people would say that in hindsight one of the good things about this municipality is that you focus on the bread and butter of your responsibility which is the infrastructure.”