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Mayor Bradley Says SI May Send The Wrong Message

And while the People’s United Party is taking steps in expressing their outrage and opposition to the recently signed SI and the Government’s approach, Belize City Mayor, Darrell Bradley weighed in on the issue saying that the Statutory Instrument may be sending the wrong message.


“In respect to the statutory instrument that’s something which I think may send a wrong message because you are saying that every single part of our country is for Belizeans but you are restricting the freedom of movement in particular areas. I say that within the context that I’m not at that level, I’m not involved in the considerations in relation to what the Prime Minister and other senior members of cabinet are involved in but I think that as a matter of practice and policy looking from outside, safety is paramount but also we would want to ensure that we do not make it in the least bit in doubt whether or not we are asserting our sovereignty to every single area of this nation. You can sit down with the territorial volunteers, you can ask them not to go, you can do whatever you want in relation to saying that this is a very volatile situation and you are wanting to protect the safety of persons first but when you restrict access to a particular area I think that there may be a risk that that sends the wrong message.


“The wrong message to the Guatemalans you mean?”


“Well if you pass a law that says that Belizeans should not or ought not even for a temporary period of time go into a particular area of this country I think that that would send a wrong message.”