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Mayor Bradley Speaks on Public Safety in the Sarstoon

While the Mayor spoke of a wrong message being sent, he also spoke of the Government’s responsibility to keep its citizens safe.


“I think it is two fold. One as a leader it is always incumbent on you to ensure the safety and security of every Belizean so that we would not want Belizean to go enter any area that they would put themselves in harm’s way, that they would get hurt or that they would necessitate a response from our armed services who themselves may be in harms way so that I think that the safety and security of Belizean lives is always of paramount consideration when we consider situations like that. Having said that I think it is also a chief concern that we ensure that every area of our land and territory is intact and that Belizeans have freedom of access to go throughout every part of Belize, that’s actually a constitutional right that you have freedom of movement to traverse all 8,867 square miles.”