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Mayor Bradley says works to continue on East and West Canal

And if you think Cinderella Plaza is in a terrible condition, you should take a drive on East and West Canal in Belize City. It is also a heavy trafficked area that residents desperately want to see upgraded. Mayor Darrell Bradley says he is working on it.

Mayor Darrell Bradley

“Streets are expensive so you are trying to get the funding so that we are working with businessmen in the area, we have assured them that if they contribute to the project they will get a set of from next year’s property taxes and trade license so that are actually cooperating with people to ensure that we can raise the amount of funds that would be required to do the entire stretch that would be West Canal and then the section of East Canal that is not completed. It’s an oversight on our part but when we did the cementing of roads we considered the boundary of down town to be East Canal so that East Canal was done together with all the streets from East Canal to Southern Foreshore, all of those streets were done together. We omitted West Canal because we considered that to be in a second phase of the project but it has become obvious to us that that project likewise is part of the downtown very trafficked and that is an area that we have committed in the public meeting and before that we will give priority attention to.

Hipolito Novelo – Reporter

“By when?”

Mayor Darrell Bradley

“We are still working with that and it’s difficult at times because we’ve gotten projections in terms of what it’s going to cost, we’ve gotten this from two contractors, we are looking at two key priority areas, Cinderella Plaza and this area in front of Publix and could say that within a short period of time it’s very difficult and I don’t want to say by when you are going to see action but those are the areas from a works perspective that we are prioritizing.”

Bradley says he has received positive feedback from business owners along East and West Canal who are willing to assist financially.