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Mayor comments on issue with City Council and Christian Worker’s Union

As we mentioned earlier in our newscast, Mayor Wagner was seated at a press conference called by the Opposition. Since he was in the hot seat, we asked about the situation.

Mayor of Belize Bernard Wagner: “To the best to my knowledge they had to go to the burial ground to do some sort of work I believe the time was 10 o’clock and they normally would get their subsistence after midday. It’s a normal practice that if you go up to the mile 13 facility after mid day you are entitled to a substitutence. This time it was 10 o’clock and they felt that they required their subsistence at 10 o’clock. Our city administrator went out there to resolve the matter and I believe they got their substance right Cierra.”

Cierra: “Yes”

Mayor of Belize Bernard Wagner: “Good thanks.”

He also commented on the CWU’s concern about its general secretary being barred from the meeting.

Mayor of Belize Bernard Wagner: There is a protocol; you just can’t walk in my office and attend my meetings. There is protocol within the CBA which clearly states that listen if you have plans to attend any of our meetings we must be told prior about it prior to you attending the meetings.

Reporter: “Okay so regarding then the cemetery workers from Belize City going to the Internal Gardens will they or won’t they get any subsistence out there?

Mayor of Belize Bernard Wagner: “That is resolved they will get their subsistence.”

Mayor Wagner said that the City Council thinks very highly of its workers and believes that the issue was simply a case of miscommunication.