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Mayor Darrell Bradley explains structure at Sand Lighters Promenade

If you’ve been by Sand Lighters Promenade in Belize City you would have noticed a wooden square-like structure being built near the seaside in front of the Mexican Institute. Many city residents have been asking what it is and will impeded them from accessing the seafront in that particular area. Today we got the answer from Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley.

Mayor Darrell Bradley

“What it is, is that the City council received a proposal and we’ve granted partial approval in relation to the doing of a ziplining business over the water ways and this is something that the master plan kind of talks about because if you can notice a big strategy with the City Council is to improve the water front. One of the things we are looking at is that there is no really active jet ski business or sailing business using the waterfront and this idea that came up was the idea of a ziplining over the waterways. Clearly the City Council doesn’t have jurisdiction for that so that they got permission from the Ministry of Natural Resources and we gave a no objection letter and we’ve also authorized them to use a section of Sandlighter’s Promenade, a very small section so that they could deal with things like selling tickets and information and holding life jackets and so forth.”

Mayor Bradley stressed that Sand Lighters Promenade will remain as a public space for all city residents to enjoy.