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Mayor Dispels Rumors of Mass Termination

A couple a days ago, reports emerged suggesting that about twenty people were fired from the Belize City Council. Yesterday Mayor Darrel Bradley clarified that the people laid off were temporary workers whose time had come to an end due to the completion of a project.


We haven’t done any mass terminations what I do know is that in preparation for the rains we do hire blocks of people. Sometimes we hire twenty or thirty sometimes we hire fifty people and then they are hired for short term projects so that when you say temporary workers that falls into that category so that those people will be hired for a short term specific project so you are going to dig out the drains along the Northern Highway. We usually do that because we have projects that are in preparation for the rainy season and we would do that at this time so that when those work finished those people are not on the permanent staff of the City Council those people have never been given permanent jobs they don’t fall under our Municipal Services Regulation and their employment would cease at the end of the a period so that there has been no mass terminations at City Council and there will be no mass termination. Our staff as I indicated to you are unionized so that if there was any issue with any permanent staff at the City Council the Union would have brought it to my attention I suspect that they would have brought it to the media’s attention and they would have asked for some sort of intervention for us to take corrective measures but we can’t just fire a staff just like that; we have to fire them for cause and we have to go through a disciplinary procedure for that to be done, we can’t just lay off staff. The only staff that can happen to are people who are hired only for a project and then they are let go at the end of the project.”