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Mayor Kevin Bernard for Orange Walk East?

In Orange Walk, Mayor Kevin Bernard has begun his campaign to run against the UDP’s Elodio Aragon Junior. But before he reaches that stage, he will need to defeat one of his own. Orange Walk Town Councillor, Josue Carballo also his eyes on Orange Walk East and today we asked PUP Leader John Briceno about it.

John Briceño, Opposition Leader:“That is a decision that the people from Orange Walk East would have to make and I am prepared to abide by whatever decision; both candidates are excellent candidates. Josuee Carballo who has been winning elections just like the Mayor since 2009. We know when the party was down and out two of them stepped up to the plate for us and they have winning since 2009 so we have two very outstanding strong candidates in Orange Walk East and any of those two that represent the People’s United Party in the next General Elections will defeat Elodio Aragon and will represent the good people of Orange Walk East in the National Assembly.”

Reporter: Would we see a replay of what happened with Darrell Bradley in Belize City because he left, well he decided to run the Caribbean Shores and got defeated; did not run again and you know what happened you guys were successful in a Municipal slate in Belize City. Would that be a factor in the Orange Walk?

John Briceño, Opposition Leader: “I don’t think so because if the Mayor is not successful he will go back to do what he has been doing quite well, being the Mayor of Orange Walk Town and if he is successful we have a lot of other good counselors that can easily step up to the plate to take over the position of the Mayor so we have good people in the Orange Walk Town Council.”