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Mayor of twin towns concerned about healthcare system

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought on a unique wave of uncertainty and hypervigilance amongst Belizeans since the first case was announced back in March. Many have taken habit to practice personal safety and adhering to guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health and Wellness. Still, there are worries that medical services will be overwhelmed with the sheer volume of cases that crop up daily. Mayor Trapp also reiterated those concerns with public hospitals and also recommended a solution.

Earl Trapp, Mayor, San Ignacio/ Santa Elena: “I personally believe that something ought to be done with respect to the hospitals. The fact being that some of the employees are being infected with this virus and I know of several from here in San Ignacio Hospital that they had to go in isolation because they were infected with this virus and the only way I see they could have been infected was basically being at the hospital. You know some people from what I understand have gone to certain hospitals with something like maybe falling off a vehicle and going for treatment and then later on they end up with COVID-19. So I think the hospitals need to be disinfected, it’s very important that we do that, I’m not sure how they can do it but I’m sure that we can put heads together and find a way to disinfect the hospitals; that will make it safer for the people.”

Mayor Trapp also urged persons to safely celebrate the upcoming holiday season and gave his suggestions on curbing the amount of infections during a time where people are typically gathered in large groups.

Earl Trapp, Mayor, San Ignacio/ Santa Elena: “At this time I take time out to honestly thank the people of this municipality for their support so far and I’d like to appeal to them not only San Ignacio but the country by extension, appeal to them to be more responsible especially as we go through this COVID crisis time. This Christmas won’t be one that we spent before because of the fact that we cannot gather in crowd and we need to curfew-  I believe we need to curfew the 24th, the 25th and the 26th but the 25th should be a complete shutdown and also the 31st and the 1st with the 1st being a complete shutdown. It’s very important because I will tell you some people will still drive and go to other family friends and that is how this virus will continue to spread so I believe that a complete shut down for the Christmas day and New Years would really assist us in mitigating the spread of this virus. So let us be responsible and by being responsible we will save lives and we will save our families from going through inconveniences.”