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Mayor Palacio on Nepotism at the Belmopan City Hall

Belmopan Mayor Sharen Palacio has been ignoring multiple requests for an interview with Love News surrounding multiple happenings in that municipality.  She did, however, give our colleagues at Plus TV an audience in which she addressed several issues including the allegations of nepotism where she hired her brother Dr Ludwig Palacio as one of the two city administrators.  While she did not deny the contracting of her brother, she did comment to say that the council is undergoing a revamping and the she needs to hire people she can trust.  

Sharen Palacio, Mayor of Belmopan

Sharen Palacio, Mayor of Belmopan: “I call them transition team. I call them city administrators but the past city administration was receiving x dollars. With that x dollars in the budget I got two persons, two competent persons, two trusted persons to come and clean up this mess along with me that we’ve been working tirelessly along with the six councilors to be able to know where we’re at. The average person would have already gone to National Bank and begged for grace, I am not begging for grace because I’m not a mathematician nor an accountant but we’re sinking down more. So the one city administrator salary I cut that in half to get what I need to be able to move forward. You’ll be happy to hear we have a reengineering going on of City Hall. We’re currently finding out all the different capacities that we have here and under a new reengineered City Hall which will be produced by this weekend we will be able to share with the public – we won’t be finished because Ms. Williams is busy finalizing job descriptions and we have people here who have no degree and receiving so much in top positions. It’s insanity.”

 Mayor Sharon Palacio wants the Central Government to write off its one point five-million-dollar loan at the National Bank of Belize.  Here is how she explained her request. 

Sharen Palacio, Mayor of Belmopan: “As far as I’m concerned the loan from National Bank is illegal because if you go to a bank right now they will find out from you your assets and liabilities and based on assets and liabilities City Hall should have been denied that one point five million. Anyhow, the one point five million for them to have gotten it all these buildings you see here it’s four of them am I right ?- three buildings those were mortgaged to National Bank and as it is right now we cannot pay. National Bank can decide whatever they choose to do but fortunately for us we are now one, it’s one big government and here’s where if – I am no account nothing like that I’m a social scientist – but something like this as the social scientist that I am I would beg pardon because for us to survive, for us to be able to do what the Belmopan people appointed us to do, they voted for us, they want change , there’s where our hands are tied that is the truth. But as I keep on saying and I have a close connection with my six councilors as a matter of fact we were in talk just last night around eight o’clock until almost midnight really discussing the reality of what we’re not responsible for but it is here and the legal part of it the truth is we should all be evicted but I don’t think that we will be evicted because here’s where we will be able to go to our Prime Minister – as a matter of fact I’ve already called him along with my minister and we’ll be able to sit down and look at this loan and see the next steps forward but because of us being one big family there should be some kind of pardoning and as far as I’m concerned I would like for this to be written off or go after the people who signed this; even the bank these people who are there I dare say that’s very irresponsible of them and the central government in power at the time double irresponsible because the subvention was already assigned to Heritage Bank.”