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MAYOR Says CITCO asked MIN. of Works in 2018 to address Miles 2 to 3.5 Traffic

The public wants the Belize City Council to erect a crosswalk for the area residents. However, Mayor Wagner told Love News that the management of the highway is the responsibility of the Ministry of Works. Mayor Wagner said from November, 2018 the council had the foresight to recognize that the lack of crossings would be a problem and addressed its concern in a letter to the Ministry of Works.

Mayor Bernard Wagner: “We have addressed that matter there. We knew that following the construction on the highway. We saw that situation would only get worse. From the outset of the construction on the highway we saw that this would create a problem for our pedestrians. Merely due to the fact that the planning did not have any consideration on the pedestrians and  the commuters in that area and while we want to not impede the flow of traffic on any highway we felt that some consideration ought to be given in respect to the people that traverse in that immediate area between Brodies and along the Belama Phase 1 as well as the other areas opposite Belama Phase 1 . The fact is we sent a letter November the 16th last year to the Ministry of Works and we sent it through local Government. They are our arm that we respond to and we sent a letter clearly outlining the concerns within that area. We met with the local Government again just recently and we brought it up in that meeting as well. We have not received any reply or response in respect to our concerns clearly highlighting that the construction of that area will create serious problems for the city in terms of people and you saw what happened this morning. It will continue to happen and in the event of an emergency to access those areas would certainly create some major issues and that is where our concerns lay. Those two stretches on the highways coming into the city are controlled essentially by local Government, controlled by the Ministry of Works. They pass through our city and they connect with the Central American Boulevard and we have no jurisdiction over that stretch of highway over the Central American Boulevard even though it passess through our city. That again is the sort of disconnect that lies in many of our legislations and it is something that needs to be fixed and that is why we have always been agitating for legislative changes to ensure that the city begin to take responsibility for the city.

Mayor Wagner believes there should be 2 pedestrian crossings between the Brodies supermarket and the Mirab superstore.