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Mayor says street works continue

During our interview with Belize City Mayor, Darrell Bradley, we got an update on the infrastructure work that is happening in Belize City. Bradley shared that several more contracts have been signed in order to pave more streets in Belize City.

Mayor Darrell Bradley.

“Some of the areas we are now is off the main streets. Of course when you’re doing a street like Queen Street or Freetown Road it’s very obvious because you are in the center of town and those would cause interruption to the flow of traffic but recently we have signed five new works contracts, these are funded by the Ministry of Finance. We are doing King Street and that is going to connect King Street from Canal to Canal, East and West Canal to East and West Collet Canal and there is going to be a significant improvement in the flow of traffic because we are trying to better move people from down town Belize City to the canal and then long term to Central American Boulevard. We are also on Plues Street we will also be doing University Drive, the continuation of Sea Shore Drive and then also the continuation of Amara Avenue. We are also doing a section of Euphrates avenue and then we want to ensure that we commence work very shortly on the section of that is West Canal that was not completed. We did a significant portion of East Canal but there is one section between Bishop Street and Regent Street West that was not completed and then also West Canal where Publics is. We’ve been getting a significant amount of criticism from members of the public especially members of the business community in terms of the traffic flow in that area especially when we did the interruptions by taking out some of the streets on Albert Street including the street in front of the little pass in front of Belize Bank so that we are requiring traffic to now make a larger loop but we have to really ensure that the street conditions in those areas are much better. We are continuing with those road works, of course the City Council is doing remedial works to ensure that we are bringing streets to what we call pre pave status. Within the last month I’ve seen a list from Councilor Dean Samuels who has responsibility of works that we’ve done, twenty of those streets we have a complete patching system right now. I’ve gone through several of the areas including Caribbean Shores and a significant amount of the streets are patched so that we have right now a fairly decent system in relation to dealing with infrastructure concerns with a combination of the concreting upgrades which residents of Belize City will see continue as much as the budget can provide for.”