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Mayor says Tiger Aggregates did not have a permit

The Mayor of Santa Elena and San Ignacio, Earl Trapp Jr. said that the explosion that took place in the Santa Cruz area of Santa Elena is regrettable and spoke to Love News about what measures his administration will put in place to ensure that it does not happen again.

Earl Trapp Jr. – Mayor of San Ignacio/Santa Elena

“In this case, if they are crushing materials they need to have some kind of permit from the council in operating because it’s part of a business so that in itself will help us to curb that situation in finding out whether or not they have a permit to crush material…”

Reporter: So did they have a permit?

Earl Trapp Jr. – Mayor of San Ignacio/Santa Elena

“From the council? No they didn’t have a permit so it’s something that now; I mean it is sad that it cost one person his life and of course it changed the lives of many people with the destruction of their houses but we learn from the past and mistakes and at this time we will have to ensure that if they are indeed hauling material or crushing they will have to pay their fair share and that will help us to find out whether they have their proper permits to operate from that area.”

Belize Roadway Construction Limited is assisting the residents whose homes were damaged by the explosion.