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Mayor Says Time to Upgrade Fire Service

The Peoples United Party and Orange Walk Mayor Kevin Bernard have expressed their sincere condolences to the families and the community over the loss of Kevan Clare, Mia Petillo, Jeda Petillo and their father, Alfred Petillo.  Mayor Bernard made a petition to the government to get better trucks for the National Fire Service to use in the Orange Walk District.

Kevin Bernard Mayor Orange Walk: ”There needs to be some improvement in the Fire department. I mean we have seen this in Belize City, we have seen this in San Pedro of recent. The equipment we have are just not adequate in enough to deal with these types of situations and if you look at Orange Walk Fire Department they have two trucks yes but the capacity of those trucks are very limited and from what I understand the heat that blaze was pushing would have taken that truck to make almost fifteen trips to be able quell that fire and to out that fire so in the spur of the moment I know everybody want to attack the poor firemen, they are doing their job; I must say I am not defending anybody but 150 gallons of water in tank when that is released in three minutes that is over. You know it really makes you upset sometimes you know because you hear these things over and over people clamoring and asking when will we improve our departments? When will we improve the fire department? Orange Walk has not had a decent fire truck for a long while and this really drives the point home that we are a big district. If there is a fire happening in another village how would we respond, would we wait for more lives to be lost? We are not putting the blame on the fire department either because at the same time we have to also know maybe what has caused the fire. Sadly so it has happened and our condolences to the family but I think as a community we need to demand better resources for the Fire Department for the people here in Orange Walk.”