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Mayor Trapp comments on the Flooding in the Cayo District

Authorities in San Ignacio and Santa Elena are taking precautions river levels are rising as a result of recent heavy rains. We spoke with Mayor Earl Trapp over the telephone who says the first to be evacuated are vendors at the market area.

Mayor Earl Trapp

“All the market vendors have been packing up and leaving the area as we have been heading to them to move out because of the waters coming down from the three dams that are overflowing and as well we are having torrential rains coming from Guatemala’s side so that area I can tell you that Kala Creek had been flooding already some houses were underwater and I spoke to Al Westby who told me that he should be back by 6 p.m. and he should be calling a meeting and activate the committee and if there should arise any need for them to open the shelters they are going to do so but so far seventy percent of the market vendors have evacuated the market area as the water level continues to rise rapidly, its only about four feet before it reaches the level from the corridor there.”


“At this moment though there are no real emergencies?”

Mayor Earl Trapp

“No. No real emergencies.”