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Mayor Trapp holds back to school drive

Yesterday the Mayor of San Ignacio and Santa Elena Earl Trapp held his annual back to school book extravaganza. More than one hundred school children who are participating in a summer course received school supplies. Camp Instructor, Isela Tesecum says the assistance is greatly appreciated.

Camp Instructor, Isela Tesecum:

“What I would like to say is that this program is so good and every year the support that we are getting from the community is become less so I think it is time for our politicians from both parties look into this which is something excellent for the kids because it keeps them off the street, it keeps them off the couch and it keeps their minds entertained and they learn to do something. Children really love the summer camp arts and craft every year they come full force and ready to work. At the end of the week what we do is we have the distribution of awards for all the participants of the summer camp and then we prepare a little feast for them where the children get their lunch and some presents and they receive their awards. During the past couple days what we have been doing is a lot of arts and we have also had people coming in from the Ministry of Health to talk to the children about hygiene, we also have personnel coming in from the police whereby they come and demonstrate to children for instance today we had them come over to show the children what it is to have the dogs searching for drugs so that was very good today the children really enjoyed it. The children are having a lot of fun we have over 60 children coming in daily and thanks to our captain of the Zone 4 of the neighborhood watch Mr.Bruce Samuels we have been successful for ten years now.”

Mayor Trapp says that the assistance also helps parents save money.

Mayor of San Ignacio and Santa Elena Earl Trapp:

“This is the opportunity to bring our students together, we have working closely with the business community gathering school supplies we give each and every child a little package. We have catered for almost 100 children. It has become an annual event and it is inserted into the September Celebrations program. We have many children that are more needing than others. Today you know that life is difficult, some parents have four or five children going to school so if we can assist two or three of their children with a school bag then they can use the additional funds for something else. The people have been patronizing their businesses over their years and it’s just one way of saying thank you and take this and so I’m sure the children are very much appreciative to receive a school bag or some school supplies.”