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Mayor Vellos shared his council’s accomplishments

In March, Rigo Vellos captured the hearts of Corozal Town residents and became the Mayor of that municipality. As a result, he was able to break the UDP’s four term reign in that municipality.  Vellos shared with Love News some of his council’s accomplishments since taking office.

Rigo Vellos – Mayor of Corozal: Since March 7th we have accomplished certain little things in Corozal Town. Of course we have made sure that we put in the pedestrian ramps where it was necessary. The past administration when they paved certain roads they moved away the Pedestrian ramps and they didn’t put it back and so hence when it’s time for  school we have a lot of children that take risks crossing the streets. Apart from that we have a lot of deteriorated roads in Corozal Town and we make sure that we find a way how to get the finance to make sure we can patch those certain streets. We have had a lot of family events also since March. We have helped a lot of schools with school warnings also. This is something that different schools have been claiming for because of kids taking those risks during rush hours in the morning and in the evening when they go to school and coming out of school so we have accomplished a lot of stuff.”

Vellos said that his council will be producing an audit report before the September celebrations.