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Mayor Wagner Comments on Costly Cemetery Fees

*At the start of the month, it became a little more costly to bury a loved one during the pandemic. Those who’ve died as a result of COVID-19 will pay the Belize City Council eight hundred and seventy dollars. That’s the original cost of a burial space of two hundred and fifty dollars, but another six hundred and twenty dollars was added because of the risks associated with the coronavirus. If a family wants a tomb, the council would charge twelve hundred dollars. However, the decision has opted to discontinue to tombing services. Mayor Bernard Wagner explained today. *

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: “What we found that we used to do a lot of the tombing and it was coming to a point where it was costing the council and we really want to get out of that business of tombing, it does not help the city. Have the private people take on that part of the burial. We continue to do our part in ensuring that we have the facilities and maintaining the facilities. Maintaining a cemetery is very expensive and brings in no revenue to the city. It’s essentially a service that you’re providing and so we have to streamline it and ensure that you’re not losing money. So we essentially withdrew ourselves out of the tombing business and we have those undertaker’s nw, taking part in that and obviously when you’re do that, the pricing is essentially up to those individuals or those companies that deal with tombing.”

Those who want their loved in a tomb will now have to arrange it through their undertaker, a cost that is estimated at fifteen hundred dollars.