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Mayor Wagner discusses street works

The UDP administration, under Mayor Darrel Bradley, did extensive work on the streets in Belize City.  One of the concerns about the PUP’s administration was whether it would give the same level of attention to the city streets. Love News spoke with Mayor Bernard Wagner who assured us that the street works continue.

Mayor Bernard Wagner – Mayor of Belize City

His Worship Bernard Wagner, Belize City Mayor: We continue to work on streets and given the limited resources we are in, I think we have still been doing a remarkable job with the limited resources. We have retrofitted many of the streets on the Northside, many streets on the Southside. Just last week we did Ebony Street which had a huge crater making it impassable for the residents there. We did that over. We will continue to retrofit streets as we see fit and as we see the need because at the end of the day, we can’t have our residents enjoying a good quality of life.

Wagner said that one of the streets that recently had some works done is Ebony Street.