Mayor Wagner Launches Manifesto Ahead of Municipal Election

Mayor Wagner Launches Manifesto Ahead of Municipal Election

Bernard Wagner, Belize City’s two-time Mayor, was in the Lake Independence area this morning for the launch of his team’s manifesto.  Wagner, who is seeking a third re-election, was accompanied by his ten councilor candidates, as well as several Area Representatives, and the PUP Party Leader, John Briceno.  Essentially, the manifesto talks about expanding the mandate of the city council through initiatives that would empower young people to become self-employed and that would address social awareness.  The launch comes two days before the municipal election.  Renee Trujillo has a recap.

Renee Trujillo, News Director: “Stay pan track” it’s the catch slogan that has reverberated across the nine cities and towns as the political parties and municipal aspirants gear up for the 2024 elections. This morning inside Swift Hall the Belize City team under the PUP’s blue and white umbrella launched their manifesto. It is an unprecedented move as manifestos are traditionally launched at the start of a political campaign. Two term Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner has responded to the late launch saying there is a logical reason behind it.

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: “I just want to talk fro the heart. I want to talk about the journey which started way back in 2018. Way  back in 2018 and Deputy Prime Minister I still have that first pledge that we did in 2018 “Always bout the people !” People are saying but when will your manifesto come out ? How can we bring out a manifesto that represents the people before we meet the people ? It can’t happen until then you understand ? We had to ensure that this document, this document that says ” Stay pan track.” really reflects what the people want in the city.”

Renee Trujillo, News Director:  The “Stay pan track” is the slogan for the PUP’s nine slates across the country. It has taken on a life of it’s own and has become popularly used on social media and in social circles. According to Wagner it is more than just a slogan.

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: “Why “Stay pan track” ? It’s because we have to continue the great things of working along in tandem with our national government. We can’t do this alone. And that is what it means by staying pan track. We don’t want to come off track. We don’t want to go back to what the UDP had us, the past government had us right? Suffering, hopelessness. Our government under the leadership of Honorable John Briceno has really put us on track and we want to stay pan track. Really captured everything that we want in our city right ? The city is not just about fixing streets or cementing streets or dealing with the garbage or dealing with the drains or dealing with the parks. The new 21st century city has expanded it’s role. The new 21st century look at how and it is focused around people, people centered.”

Renee Trujillo, News Director:  As for the manifesto and it’s contents both Wagner and PUP’s party leader John Briceno agreed that the service in the cities and towns has transcended from basic streets and drainage to a wider social responsibility. 
Hon. John Briceño, Prime Minister of Belize:“In 2020 the former Prime Minister was saying that they’re going to weep for Belize. They’re going to weep for the next government. PUP never cried. PUP never bawled. PUP is about work. We decided we will literally roll up our sleeves and we will start to work and we have to make sure that how is it that we’re going to make people’s lives better ? How is it that we can expand real free education for the children of this country. How is it that we’re going to create more jobs ? How is it that we’re going to make the city more livable ? How are we going to transform it into a modern city. And Mayor Wagner I must congratulate you because you were very clear on your vision along with your team that a city is more than just streets and drains and picking up the garbage. A city is where you can make it a vibrant community, where you feel happy, where you can feel safe, where you can create opportunities that you can say I am a proud resident of Belize City.”

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