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Mayor Wagner says he doesn’t even listen to the opposition

“I don’t even listen to the Opposition”: those are the words of Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner. In a recent press conference, the United Democratic Party condemned the Belize City Council for not suspending Micah Goodin for the recent shooting incident he was involved in. Today, Wagner responded to the UDP’s statements, saying that he believes the UDP needs to be more bipartisan. 

Bernard Wagner, Mayor, Belize City: “I don’t even listen to the Opposition, many a times. Right. Because, leadership is not about opposing for opposing’s sake. It is about building consensus. It’s about building that partisanship. You can’t be everything bipartisan. That is what is killing Belize. You have to have a bipartisan approach to getting things done and the only way we’ll get things done is that you, as the Opposition Leader, has to look at a situation with a wide spectrum. It can be a narrow vision of you only seeing yourself to get back into Belmopan. You have to be able to see yourself that Belize is progressing. So, how can I as an Opposition knock the Blue Bonds? Right? That did wonders for this country. That brought many savings to this country. So how can you as an Opposition sit on the other side and knock something that is good for the country? That, essentially, tells me that you are not country. You are about winning elections and when we are able to change that mindset of being driven to lead to win elections, that is the only time Belize will progress is when we are able to get past that. We have been a country that has missed many many opportunities.”