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McAfee’s Documentary Speaks of How the Gringo Greased the Government in Belize

As if the recent reports from the Auditor General are not compelling enough to cast shadows and aspersions on the Barrow administration, there is a documentary looking to be released in about twelve days on John McAfee.  For those who may not be familiar with the name, McAfee is the anti-virus inventor who led an eccentric lifestyle in Belize based on numerous accounts.  The upcoming documentary will showcase the lifestyle he lived here in Belize and will also feature testimonials from several Belizeans who were his associates and workers.  According to a news piece on the upcoming publication, the explosive new documentary is named, ‘Gringo’ a slang term for white man.  It is being directed and produced by the Oscar-nominated filmmaker Nanette Burstein and is reportedly going to unveil new information tying McAfee to the killing of American expat Greg Faull—as well as stunning allegations accusing the tech magnate of an unrelated rape and murder in the Central American paradise.  As it relates to the darker shadows that may befall this Government, the documentary is said to include accounts from Burstein, herself when she travelled to Belize and found out of how McAfee reportedly, quote, “greased the Government”.  Burstein, the documentary producer, also did interviews with locals, employees, gangsters, and several of the teenage girlfriends McAfee kept as he lived large.  The online article promoting the debut of this feature continues by stating that the recollections of those closest to McAfee paint a portrait of a sometimes generous, definitely paranoid benefactor who surrounded himself with heavily armed bodyguards and fancied himself the Colonel Kurtz of Belize: Tan, tattooed, and given to posing for pictures with guns and girls in bikinis. The documentary has already been shown at the Toronto Film Festival last Sunday and will have a broadcast debut on September 24, 2016.