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Mechanic Dies in Traffic Accident; Police Says It Was Speeding

A gruesome accident left a twenty seven year old dead last night. Around seven o’clock, a white SUV being driven by Levert Loriano, flipped on the Phillip Goldson Highway around Mile four in front of Diamond’s Motel. Deputy Officer in Charge of the Precinct Four Police Station, Assistant Superintendent of Police Francisco Ack gave us the details of the accident.


“On Monday August 1st at around 6:50pm police responded to information of a road traffic accident between miles four and five on the Phillip Goldson Highway. Upon arrival police observed a white in color van on the left hand side of the highway when travelling towards Ladyville. Further investigation indicated that there was the body of a male person underneath the white van. So with the assistance of the fire department they were able to remove the body from underneath the vehicle. The body was later identified to be Levert Loriano, a 27 year old mechanic  of Ladyville Village. Investigations so far indicated that Loriano was travelling in his van by himself towards Ladyville when he lost control of the said vehicle and overturned and ran into a pine tree that was nearby which caused him to be flung out of the vehicle onto the ground and when the vehicle collided into the pine tree it landed on him which apparently caused his fatal injury.”

Eyewitness, Lionel Villanueva, was driving behind Loriano on the highway. He described the shocking scene he witnessed.


“He was going too fast that is why the vehicle got damaged. He flew out the vehicle when the vehicle hit the mud and then we were trying to get him from underneath, I was right in front of it when it happened but the hole half of his body was stuck under the engine and then the other foot was stuck under the passenger side front wheel so we couldn’t move him at all. We called 911 when I stopped I told them that it was an accident. When I stopped I was looking for him but I didn’t see a driver inside the vehicle but I thought he had flown into the mud but when I got there he stretched out his hand and started screaming for help. I was going to pull him out but then he said he was stuck. After that he started mumbling a lot and he asked me to help him again, I felt his pulse and he was still alive but then after that his pulse was gone.”

According to Villanueva, Loriano was alive for about five minutes after the accident but died on the highway. ASP Ack stated that speeding was the main cause of the accident. His body is at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital awaiting a post mortem examination.