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Med Lab Week is celebrated internationally from April 22 to 26.  Belize also observes the tradition and today the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) held its first free fair as part of Med Lab Week activities. Lovefm asked them about the services they offered on the business end of an injection.

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “Free medical services are being offered today outside the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.”

Carolina Ladaverde – Laboratory Manager A-Lab: “Today we opt to do a Health Fair Lab Exposure and today we are offering free HIV, blood glucose, bun creatinine and out here as well we have the Kidney Association, the Diabetic Association, and the VCT so we are providing educational backgrounds on lab, testing, etc. Also, we are offering services if you want to do extensive testing maybe your cholesterol, your triglycerides or your analysis. We also offer that and we are coordinating with the Kidney Association so that patients can go back to them to get their results.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “According to Medical Laboratory Professional Ruby Aguillon several organizations joined the staff of the KHMH to participate.”

Ruby Aguillon – Medical Laboratory Professional: “We are just promoting our profession because sometimes the public is not aware of our existence. They don’t know that we are working behind the scenes, we are a very important part of the healthcare facility since we are the ones who assist the doctor in providing a diagnosis for the patients. We are the ones who check your blood samples, urine samples and help the doctor identify any abnormality. Here we are just showing what we do as laboratory professionals and this station is for Central Medical Lab. We are showing the different departments and the different tests that are offered in each department and we are just offering today blood grouping, blood level testing and we have games for anyone who wants to participate.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “Jose Sanchez for Love News.”

People who took the various free examinations received a treat from the KHMH staff.