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Media and Police Meet to Iron Out Concerns Regarding New PR Police Policy

Last Friday the media was informed that the Police Department would be changing their rules of engagement as it relates to the flow of information. A letter was sent to the Commissioner of Police requesting clarification. Today representatives of the media met with Minister of State with responsibility for the Police, Elodio Aragon Junior, CEO George Lovell, Commissioner Whylie and other top ranking Police officers. Minister Aragon said the meeting the afforded both parties the opportunity to discuss the changes.


“Today I think we had a good sit down with the media and their personalities along with the police commanders from Belize City and of course the personnel who work in the media office of the police department. This was in an effort to ensure we streamline how information is passed on from the police department to the media and vice versa. I think it was a very productive meeting and I think at the end of the day all our media personalities understand what we are trying to do to look at the way forward in ensuring that we have a good working relationship because at the end of the day the media is our partner and we want them to understand how important and how much we value them as a part of the society we live in and we want to continue to have that good working relationship with the media.”

A follow up meeting has been scheduled for next month to determine the effectiveness of the new plan.