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Media Houses Select Rep for the People’s Constitution Commission

The Briceno Administration has drafted and proposed the People’s Constitution Commission Bill that will allow for the creation of the Commission. That Commission will draft and guide the process of creating a new Constitution for Belize or amending the existing constitution. this process is expected to take eighteen months and it requires the representation of the entire country, including the free media. And today, eleven established media houses elected our representatives. Loius Wade of Plus TV will serve as our main representative on the Commission while Daniel Ortiz of 7News will be the alternate. Both seasoned media professionals explained why it is important for the media to have representation. 

Louis Wade Jr., Owner, Plus TV: “Over the years, the issues as it relates to free speech, as it relates to so many other issues with the media being, in my opinion, the guardian of the democracy of the people and the informants of the democracy, we need to ensure that those principles are firmly rooted in the Constitution. I am also a person who believes in teams. I never never work alone and so I’m going to look forward to hearing from my media colleagues what their thoughts are. Media, you’re on the streets everyday. You talk to every layer of society and so media has a very good grasp of what’s right in this country and what’s wrong in this country and so I look forward to hearing from the media and to represent them to the people and also, the people to them. A lot of developments are happening in media. As it relates to technology, as it relates to players in the game and even as it relates to some of the media houses coming together, which we will hear about in the near future because the dynamics are changing and we have to ensure that the voice of the people continue to be heard independently though the media. So I am thankful and I look forward to the work ahead.”

Daniel Ortiz, 7 News Reporter: “Who better than the press to keep an eye on these types of processes? I see it as a patriotic duty. The leaders of our country have said that they want to modernise the Constitution and they want to remove the relics of colonialism from it. Well, I’m happy to participate in that process and I;m glad that the Government of the day has given us, the Press, representation on this particular committee to, hopefully, provide the best of our expertise to aid the country.”

The Constitution and Foreign Affairs Committee will be meeting on Monday in Belmopan to consider the People’s Constitution Commission Bill. The meeting will be open to members of the public who wish to make contributions.